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The Photocoop Staff

Rick Krueger (973) 289-7020

Suzie Lee (201) 522-9493

Michael Lee (973) 592-1936


To all,

At the end of the day, we are all friends.  Any deviation from these rules can be discussed in advance on a case-by-case basis.  We want to be flexible and allow you all to get the most from your experience as a member in our studio.  However, please be advised that any rules may be added, removed or changed at any time.

-Rick, Suzie, and Michael


First, and perhaps most important, is the matter of monthly membership fees.

  • Please provide Suzie with your portion by the 26th of each month for the following month to allow time to deposit, clear, and for us to cut a check to the management company

  • For membership fees, we can take personal checks, money order, or cash, or can take PayPal with an additional 3% to cover the fees.

  • Failure to pay by the 5th of any given month will result the cancellation of future studio dates and you will no longer be allowed to book a date until your rent is paid in full, up to date


As part of the member agreement, you are entitled to use the space, furniture, lighting, grip equipment, and modifiers purchased for The Photocoop.

  • Please do not use any other partner’s equipment without their consent should it be left in the open space.  Photocoop equipment will be labeled – only that equipment is included in your membership

  • Do not leave stuff behind (this included boxes, props, balloons, mats, sheets, masks, you-name-it). Everything you bring in goes out with you unless you have obtained permission to donate to the studio.

  • You are required to take your garbage with you when you leave. Small grocery bags of garbage can be disposed of in the kitchen, garbage bags can be disposed of in our designated dumpster or taken home with you.

  • We have a cyclorama wall in the studio that will remain painted white at all times.  It is not to be painted any other color. If you want it freshly painted before a shoot, you will need to paint it on your own schedule with the approved paint – we cannot mix “white paint” between brands or shades if we want the cyc wall to remain consistent in its appearance

    • If you want the ownership staff to paint the wall for a shoot, we will do it for an additional $50 fee in advance of your shoot

  • Please keep the studio and common areas neat.  All lighting equipment should be returned to the lighting closet. Please put the equipment back in it’s proper place (Do not leave it on the cart.) Any partner found to be leaving a mess of the studio and not returning the studio to a “blank slate” state (i.e. lights and stands on cart, grids attached to soft boxes, any messes/personal props cleaned up, etc.) will be subject to an owner being present for all subsequent shoots.  This space is for all of us to use, please be respectful

    • Over the past several months, there have been a number of shoots that left quite a mess behind.  If you use anything like glitter, dirt, flower, pearls, etc., you are required to clean the studio completely to the point that there is no evidence of your shoot  

    • If the studio is not cleaned completely after your shoot, you will be charged a cleaning fee of $50


In addition to our studio space, you are welcome to shoot in the common areas (hallways, elevators, stairwells, etc.) with the following restrictions:

  • At no time should you enter another tenant’s space unless invited to do so by that tenant while they are present

  • You are not to shoot nudes or potentially offensive material in common areas between the hours of 8AM until 6PM, Monday through Friday, no exceptions

  • In addition, please be mindful and respectful of the other tenants and their customers within the building.  Please exercise discretion when shooting in the common areas at all times, including during evening and weekend hours

  • Shooting nudes outdoors on the property of 101 East Main St is prohibited at all times

  • Members found to be violating the common area policies will be subject to owner review for membership termination after the first offense – we want to maintain a healthy relationship with our neighbors and landlord


As owners, Michael, Suzie, and Rick will be holding workshops/seminars with a specific focus on teaching a portion of shooting models (posing, lighting, etc.).  From time to time, we may include a guest speaker/lecturer/host for the educational portion of the day.

If you are not hosting/teaching/working the workshop event, you are still welcome to attend at the cost of our normal workshop rate less a 25% Photocoop Member Discount.  Unless you have been asked by one of us to work the event, free admission will not be permitted. Compensation for serving as the host/instructor will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

No member discounts are available for shoot outs and classes unless otherwise specified.


We understand that everyone wants to have unlimited 24/7 access to the studio, but purely based on the calendar alone, it is impossible; by that I mean that there are a finite number of days in a given month.  A few guidelines/rules for booking

  • Making a Reservation: All booking requests must be sent via email to us at – text messages or phone calls are not acceptable methods to book time – this allows us to have a timestamp to dispel any arguments before they start.  First come, first served. Once we have notified you that your date has been entered, you need to double check the entry for accuracy and email that you have confirmed the details of your schedule request on the calendar.

  • “All-Day” Bookings: Studio reservations must have a definitive start and end time – we will not allow blocking entire days at the studio, unless you will be truly shooting all day (12 AM until 11:59PM)

  • Weekends (Keyholding Members): Out of respect and courtesy for your fellow members, no more than 3 weekend bookings in a given month will be allowed per member

    • Partners are entitled to 3 weekend days or 16 weekend hours per month, whichever comes first

    • You are not “owed” any weekend bookings.  If you choose not to use them in a given month, they do not roll over to the next month

    • A “day” means a session.  If it’s 2 hours, it counts as a weekend booking, if it’s all 16 hours, it counts the same.

    • If you have already booked three weekend days, you may rent the studio at a weekday rental rate.

  • Weekends (Members): Each member is given a one-time weekend add-on option of up to 8 weekend hours for $100.  Additional hours will be discounted to weekday rates. These 8 hours may be broken up into 2 bookings.

  • Advance Booking: We will book up to 90 days out, no further

  • Non-keyholders - We reserve the right to not accept reservations within 48 hours and based on our availability to staff the studio.

  • Partner Access: A key holding partner is entitled to access their storage area at any point, except in the case where someone has the studio booked. Please reach out to them to get their okay to stop by... no drop ins please.

  • No Call/No Show:

    • Will not be tolerated – if you book a date, and (even at the last minute) will not be using it, you must advise Rick, Suzie, or Michael, preferably via email to

    • If you are found to have pulled a No Call/No Show, repercussions will be as follows:

      • First Offense: Warning

      • Second Offense: Limit of 16 total hours of booking per month for following 3 months

      • Third Offense: Owner review for termination of membership contract

  • GTFO Policy

    • Your reservations are outlined by the exact times that you have requested. Strict adherence to those times is mandatory. Do not enter the studio before your time. Be 100% cleaned up, packed up and out the door by the end of your scheduled reservation time. Be advised that often times there are reservations immediately after yours we expect your strict cooperation. This policy is in effect at all times regardless of the schedule. If you would like to request extra time, please text Michael, Suzie, or Rick.

    • Non-adherence to this policy with result in the following repercussions:

      • First Offense: Warning

      • Second Offense: Limit of 16 total hours of booking per month for following 3 months

      • Third Offense: Owner review for termination of membership contract