Events & Education at The Photocoop

Upon deciding to open our new facility, we decided to strive to develop something that New Jersey has been fundamentally lacking - a photography community with a heavy focus on educating photographers in many aspects of the craft including posing your models/clients, lighting, photo editing and more. 


This page will serve as a community calendar/bulletin board to keep you abreast on all of the things we plan to offer, including:

  • Education Workshops that go beyond the typical paparazzi-style that many have become accustomed to
  • Gallery shows to feature the work of members of our community
  • Targeted community seminars for photography specific to certain styles and genres (pinup, for example)

Upcoming Events at The Coop:

Saturday 8/5/17 Photo Shoot at the Coop
Friday 7/14/17 Photo Shoot at the Coop
Thursday 6/22/17 Photo Shoot at the Coop
Friday 6/2/17 Nude/Burlesque Shoot at the Coop
Saturday 5/6/17 Pinup Photo Shoot at the Coop
Friday 4/14/17 Photo Shoot at the Coop
Sunday 3/19/17 Workshop and Seminar: The Power of Color
Friday 3/10/17 Photo Shoot at the Coop