The Photocoop | Successful Executive/Business Portraits Seminar

Successful Executive/Business Portraits Seminar

Do you want to make extra money doing what you love?  Shooting business/executive headshots are a great way to accomplish that.

Over this 3 hour seminar with Suzie Lee & Rick Krueger, we will cover the following:


Pricing and Marketing

How to prep yourself and your client




Proofing and workflow

Efficient post-processing in Photoshop

While the photographing portion of this workshop will be brief, feel free to bring your camera and get a couple head shots of the subject.  There is no need to bring a laptop as we will need to cover the material quickly and  you will leave with thorough notes.  We will also give you a dropbox link to download a photoshop action set, equipment list and preparation checklist for you and your client.


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