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The PhotoCoop_floorplanThe PhotoCoop_floorplan About The Photocoop Facilities

The Photocoop consists of three main areas, The Studio, The Boudoir, and The Lounge. Our ceilings are all 12 feet high at their lowest point.  In addition to the spaces described below, our facilities also include a dressing room that will accomodate 5-6 models, 2 restrooms, and a common area kitchen.  Free WiFi is available in The Photocoop and may be used by our customers only.

The Studio is a 20' x 48' commerical studio that features a 20-foot wide white cyclorama wall that can be painted fresh prior to your rental (fee applies, see below) on one end of the room, and a beautfiul black section that is perfect for low key and dramatic light work on the other end.  Additionally, The Studio is outfitted with two sets of French doors that lead into our lounge, which are fantastic for shooting, and a multi-seamless hanging bracket that allows you to have even more options..  Finally, there are double doors to the outside of space, near our cargo elevator, making The Studio perfect for shoots involving larger items like motorcycles.


The Boudoir  is 18' x 16' and remains set up as a bedroom set, but can be altered, within reason, to fit your needs.  It boasts a beautiful French door, hardwood floors, and two gorgeous warehouse windows making The Boudoir perfect for shooting stunning natural light shots that will delight your clients/models.   We generally leave this beautiful bedroom set up with white bedding, but you are welcome to bring your own bedding and/or props or use one of our coordinated boudoir photography sets, or "Boudie Boxes" as we like to call them (ask for details).


The Lounge may look like just the entrance way into our shooting rooms, but is a fantastic shooting space in and of itself.  You'll get no complaints from us about the gorgeous natural light, beautiful furniture or possibilities of shooting into/through our 3 sets of French doors as mentioned above. 

In addition to the spaces mentioned above, the building that houses The Photocoop also boasts some amazing common areas that can be used (subject to availability since they are not ours exclusively).  These include a vintage 1930's passenger elevator, grungy/industrial freight elevator, stairwells, warehouse windows throughout, and amazing brick work around the outside of the building.