The Photocoop | Portrait Editing Class


For your clients, their head shots and portraits are their perspective clients'  or perspective employers' first impression of them.  If they look like snap shots or conversely so photoshopped that they look fake, that is already one negative tick against them.  The image needs to look like them on a good day, not them 20 years ago.  So the key is to polish up the image in a way that doesn't look too "done up".  It's important to tone down anything that distracts from the eyes and the general feeling of the image like dark circles and wrinkles, blemishes and stray hairs.  BUT if you get rid of certain features completely, you are doing your client a disservice. 

Suzie will cover her workflow which she designed to be able to edit images with efficiency.  She can use this same workflow to realize the realistic but polished look to the full editorial/beauty edit.  She will start the class with doing a step by step demonstration of a portrait edit, covering the use of layers, masks, clipping masks, adjustment layers, liquify filter, and creating your own actions.  The remainder of the class she will edit several images submitted by attendees re-enforcing all the concepts.  Optionally, you can bring a laptop(with Photoshop) and an image to work on between 9-10pm with Suzie and her team there to answer any questions.  You will receive a booklet with all the concepts covered in this class and can email Suzie at anytime after the class for assistance with anything covered in class.

Please email Suzie with any questions or images to edit during the class-

Class size will be limited so be sure to rsvp now. You can reserve your space in the following locations: