The Photocoop | Model Information




This page is intended for models hired to pose for one of our workshops/shoot-outs at The Photocoop.  Below are some details, guidelines, and information we need prior to your participation.

We look forward to working with you!

- Rick, Suzie, and Michael



1) a) Workshops are intended to help photographers to take photos of beautiful women beautifully. To that end, each workshop will start with an instructional seminar teaching our customers some portion of the experience when shooting with a model or client (posing, lighting, shooting techniques, editing etc.). The seminars will be held before the rotational sessions, before you arrive/get ready for the day's shoot.

1) b) Shoot-outs are intended to provide maximum opportunity for our clients to quality portfolio images with beautiful models. These shoot-outs focus on actual shooting time.

2) Be advised, these events, both workshops and shoot-outs, will never be huge paparazzi-style.  During the rotational sessions, customers will be broken up into small groups and will be supervised and intructed by a staff member at ALL times.

3) The rotational sessions are scheduled to run in 20 minute sets, running in shifts, with ample time for breaks in between. There will then be a food break (for larger workshops), and private one-one one sessions will commence thereafter. The one-on-ones will be priced at $60.00 per half-hour (you will receive the entire $60; we will NOT take a cut).

4) Between each set, there will be 10 minutes allotted to change of outfits and refreshing makeup (not counting official breaks during larger workshops.) You will receive your schedule of sets before the workshop date so that you may plan your wardrobe accordingly.  In the interest of maintaining a smooth workflow throughout the day, we ask that you do your utmost to stick within the 10 minute limit for outfit change/makeup refresh.  

5) There will be a makeup artist available to you for workshops but not for shoot-outs. Should you decide to take advantage of this free service, please schedule your travel times accordingly and arrive 45-60 minutes earlier.

6) You will be asked to sign a limited model release, and all of our customers will get a copy of it.  We will also provide a FULL model release... if the customers want them, you may give it to them, or sell them. We will leave it to you to set the price.

7) At workshops, food will be provided for you during the meal break. You will be provided with a lunch order form upon arrival with many options including vegetarian. We will have water, soda and various not-so-healthy snacks available. However please feel free to bring any other snacks you feel you might want.

9) By working with us, you are agreeing to demonstrate a high level of professionalism and ability, which we are confident you have, either through our own experience with you or via referrals.

10) We may choose to provide you with promotional posters for your Model Mayhem profiles and Facebook timelines.  While you are not required to post them, we would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you!



Please bring the following with you in terms of wardrobe:

  • 1 or 2 sets of lingerie (or more, if you feel so inclined)
  • a casual outfit, such as jeans, tank-top, or casual top
  • impressive evening wear
  • a colorful or unusual outfit of your choice
  • high heel shoes
  • jewelry/accessories
  • any other apparel that you enjoy modelling


Please also have at least one form of Legal ID