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October 21st @ 8pm



Fetish is fashionable. After (or before) the “50 Shades” franchise more and more people are curious and many are experimenting with what they believe is the kinky side. Chains, leather and rope are everywhere on clothing. Everyplace you look people are describing themselves as a “sub” or a “dom” or some other vague kinkster inspired character. But Fetish and BDSM are more than the imagined ornaments of the “vanilla” world.  There are lines to cross or avoid. And there is a visual lexicon that skilled photographers can use to inform their work in a way that supports and elevates their clients’ fantasies.

We will explore the essential skills of working in the bondage and fetish genres. Learn how to address the aspects of sensuality, sexiness and safety in various forms of rigging and fetish photography through proper technique, equipment choices, and scene planning.

Join us for an excursion onto the road less travelled. Learn how to photograph kink so it’s not only daring but also beautiful. Turn a picture of something different into a unique and informed portrait.





Ms_M – A modern woman with the look of the Mediterranean beauties of classic cinema, Ms_M combines timeless beauty, modern attitudes, and an intense curiosity to produce unique and alluring images. She is fearless, creative, and supportive in every step of the process.






Maxine Madsen – Actress, model, designer, and surfer. Maxine is a petite dream come true for any photographer lucky enough to work with her. Physically strong and emotionally agile, she lights up any set with her open attitude and wide repertoire of poses.





Lydia Vengeance An experienced nude, fetish, and erotic model. Open-minded, professional, and lot of fun to shoot. Her style and confidence add a unique quality to all her work.




Lonnie Juli - Award winning, published still photographer and Director of Photography. Principal photographer at Statement on Fetish photography: “An astute observer and reporter. Creating personal, unique images in a highly charged mise en scene is my first passion. Chronicling and elevating your experiences and fantasies allows me to mix my talents with your creative kink.”





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This is a new style workshop for the Photocoop, but as always it will be limited attendance and small group shooting.  This is a workshop-style event and therefore, Lonnie will be teaching throughout the event. There will be detailed discussions about safety, props, fetish for photography basics, and demonstrations with our team of models.

After the introductory seminar, you will break into groups led by a staff photographer and experience shooting in a variety of setups, including high-key, low-key, boudoir and more. You will also experience a variety of different lighting setups including studio strobes and constant lights. The cycwall studio will be set up for rigging.  

This workshop is geared toward everyone from the professional to the hobbyist. Technical guidance will be provided. Just bring your camera, external flash and plenty of memory cards. 

The workshop starts at 8pm and continues to 11pm. Cost for the workshop is $250 with a $50 deposit via PayPal upon RSVP. After the deposit, you owe $200 cash at the door. After this event, 30-minute one-on-one sessions will be available in all locations except the cycwall studio. These sessions will be $60 payable in cash at the event. The cycwall studio will be reserved for 1-on-1 supervised rigging and limited suspension.  These sessions will be 45 minutes (to allow for the extra complexity of this craft) at $100. Please email scheduling requests to

One-on-one sessions are a great way to put together your own vision, lighting setup (using your own lights or ours.) It allows for the opportunity to shoot these amazing models without the expense of renting the studio and paying the model's minimum rates. There are several staff members on premises to lend a helping hand if you need/would like assistance or guidance. For more information, please post a comment or email us at


To RSVP: Register Here and Please Pay the Deposit Here