Workshop & Seminar: Little Details; BIG Impact

Sunday, October 4th @ 11:00 am

at The Photocoop in Little Falls, NJ 

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Photo Credits Left to Right: Neesy by Michael Lee, Casey by Michael Lee, Rebecca by Mikhail Veter, and Anastasia by Michael Lee

"There's always room for improvement". This is true in every aspect of life, and in photography. What at first blush might seem to be a 'cool' portrait can be greatly improved with seemingly subtle changes in the pose. Just as an other well-thought-out photo can be ruined without such attention to detail. We will discuss many of those nuances that, individually might seem inconsequential, but within the whole, makes the photo WOW. And if weather permits, we'll hold this seminar outdoors, so that we can also learn how to balance natural ambient light with strobes, so that we can get the rich majestic vistas in nature AND a properly well-exposed model in the foreground.

For this event, we've decided to bring back a Photocoop All-Star line-up. NONE of these ladies need introduction, but we should still tell you who we have: Anastasia, Rebecca, Neesy, and Casey. Every one of them are home-run hitters. Every one of them are incredibly sought-after. And every one of them are here with us for this event. So join us for this All-Pro event!

You will break into very small groups lead by a staff photographer and experience shooting in a variety of setups, including high-key, low-key, boudoir and more.  You will also experience a variety of different lighting setups including natural light, studio strobes, and constant lights.

This workshop is geared toward everyone from the professional to the hobbyist.  Technical guidance will be provided just bring your camera, external flash and plenty of memory cards.  

The Seminar starts at 11:00am and the photo shoot runs from noon to 4:00pm.  Cost for the seminar and open session is $200, with $20 deposit via PayPal upon RSVP. After the deposit, you owe $180 cash at the door. Afterwards, a meal will be provided, then 30-minute one-on-one sessions will be available thereafter.  Unless otherwise posted, sessions will be $60 payable in cash at the event. You can find the one-on-one chart at the bottom of the workshop information page when you RSVP. Please email scheduling requests to

One-on-one sessions are a great way to put together your own vision, lighting setup (using your own lights or ours.) It allows for the opportunity to shoot these amazing models without the expense of renting the studio and paying the model's minimum rates. There are several staff members on premises to lend a helping hand if you need/would like assistance or guidance.  For more information, please post a comment or email us at









Workshop Private Session Chart