Photo Shoot at the Coop

Pinup Style!

Saturday, May 6th @ 3pm

Left to right: Tish Tash by Michael Lee and Ruby Haze by Michael Lee.


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This time around, we will change it up a bit and do a Pinup themed shootout. In doing so, we've booked two stellar pinup models: a new-to-us face that's perfect for pinup, Ruby Haze will be joining us. And to make things even better, we will also bring in everyone's favorite, Tish Tash. Both models have the perfect look for pinup, and with brilliant makeup artist Paula Pinups doing their hair & makeup... it will be, well, perfect!

But we're making this more than just a simple shootout. We will incorporate special lighting, conducive to pinup, and we will provide limited instruction for such. You can shoot as per always, or you can slow down a bit and partake in the numerous discussions that will be going on, and maybe gain some insight as to what makes pinup photography "pinup".

Tish Tash

Ruby Haze

To start the event you will break into groups lead by a staff photographer and experience shooting in a variety of setups, including high-key, low-key, boudoir and more. You will also experience a variety of different lighting setups including studio strobes and constant lights.

This shootout is geared toward everyone from the professional to the hobbyist. Technical guidance will be provided just bring your camera, external flash and plenty of memory cards. 

The shootout starts at 3pm and continues to 5pm. Cost for the shootout is $80 with a $20 deposit via PayPal upon RSVP. After the deposit, you owe $60 cash at the door. After the shootout, 30-minute one-on-one sessions will be available. Sessions will be $60 payable in cash at the event. You can find the one-on-one chart at the bottom of the workshop information page when you RSVP. Please email scheduling requests to

One-on-one sessions are a great way to put together your own vision, lighting setup (using your own lights or ours.) It allows for the opportunity to shoot these amazing models without the expense of renting the studio and paying the model's minimum rates. There are several staff members on premises to lend a helping hand if you need/would like assistance or guidance. For more information, please post a comment or email us at

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