Oh THAT'S what that button is for!!

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So, if you've ever worked with me, you know I'm a strong proponent of knowing your camera.  You are a much better photographer when you can focus on the story in front of you, rather than the dials and settings.  Which is why I'm a little ashamed to admit that there has been this mysterious button on my camera... actually, every camera that I've ever owned. It is right where the lens connects to the body. I've seen it, thought about it, pressed it (not while looking through the view finder), and never explored it's purpose.  Well the other day it really got to me and I decided to pull up my owners manual. Low and behold it's called the "depth of field preview button". I'm think "oh wow... that sounds super useful!" So I pulled out my camera and gave this no-longer-mysterious button a go.  Seriously, what the...?!?  Everything went dark.  I'm thinking "why would I ever use this?"  

And because my brain never lets these things go, I decided to google it later that night.  I mean, what can I do with this?  There has got to be a useful purpose, right?  

Turns out that there are many useful purposes!  I looked at several different online sources but I found this blog post by nature photographer, Rod Barbee to be really insightful...especially, numbers 1(detecting distracting hotspots), 8(detecting lens flare problems), and 10(using it as a composition aid) on his list.

Do you ever use this handy little button?

Ok, if you still don't see the value in it, customize the button for something you think is more useful.  Every camera is different so Google that one. 


by Suzie Lee

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